Orion Tour Healthcare Division

Products & Services

Orion-Tour will make all necessary arrangements for Middle East, Gulf Countries, German, Dutch, Swiss and U.S.A., Canada patients to receive world-class medical procedures in Turkey. Orion-Tour will arrange for initial consultations between patients and doctors, schedule procedures and make all travel arrangements. In the majority of cases, an all- inclusive quote will be provided for prospective clients. For the procedure itself, the client will be contracting directly with the medical provider. Financial arrangements, including necessary deposits, will be finalized before travel itineraries are booked and before the client is admitted to the medical facility. Orion-Tour will work directly with its solution partner in Germany to determine in advance whether a portion of the treatment and related expenses will be covered.

Strategy & Implementation

As a premium medical tourism agency, Orion-Tour will offer its clients VIP service while they are traveling abroad. In order to ensure the highest levels of customer service, Orion-Tour will contract with the premier medical facilities and service providers in Turkey. Orion-Tour will invest in a best in class website that is designed to appeal to the sensibilities of upscale customers. Orion-Tour through its solution partner will seek to develop brand awareness among upscale clients by advertising in niche print publications that reach this audience. Orion-Tour will hire a PR firm to generate publicity that will reinforce Orion-Tour’s image as an agency that caters to the VIP crowd, including celebrities. By focusing on customer satisfaction, Orion-Tour expects to achieve strong word-of-mouth advertising as clients share their medical tourism experience with their close friends. Orion-Tour and his solution partner will seek strategic alliances and affinity relationships with a select group of upscale merchants throughout the Europe and the United States.


Orion-Tour founder Ersan ATSUR will serve as Orion-Tour’s CEO. With over 45 years of experience in the travel business, Ersan Atsur will provide overall leadership of the enterprise. He will work closely with other Orion-Tour founders. Orion-Tour is organized into two general departments – Service and Marketing. The Service department will be led by, who will be responsible for supervising the provision of services to Orion-Tour’s clients. The Marketing department will be led by
Mr. Nezih Okan – Mr. Serdar Kara and Mrs. Rezzan Yıldırım who will be in charge of promoting Orion-Tour to the target market.

Features & Benefits

Orion-Tour’s services will include the following:
• Help with procuring a medical visa booking travel to Turkey where the services will be provided;
• Airport pick up and drop off;
• Consultation with appropriate specialists;
• Pre-operation accommodation;
• Booking into the hospital for the operation;
• Accommodation for post-operative recuperation;
• Arrangements for post-operative care in Turkey;
• Book travel home from Turkey where the services have been provided;
• Arranging emergency insurance coverage for any unexpected serious adverse
Events arising from the surgery that means prolonged hospitalization and/or a medical flight back to their home country;
• Arranging Travel Insurance.
Orion-Tour’s services will be more comprehensive than any competitor in its industry. Premium one-stopshopping will differentiate it from competitors that concentrate on specific packages.

Competitive Advantages / Barriers to Entry

Orion-Tour will distinguish itself from its competitors by focusing on the niche market for upscale premium service. While most medical travel agencies are targeting bargain hunters, Orion-Tour will position itself to appeal to upscale market segments. Orion-Tour will derive a competitive advantage from the fact that two of its advisors are medical doctors, which will enhance Orion-Tour’s reputation for safety, and obviates the need to pay medical experts to evaluate the quality of foreign medical facilities. In addition to web-based marketing, Orion-Tour will take advantage by using an innovative marketing campaign through its solution partner in Germany that is designed to appeal to The medical travel industry has significant barriers to entry, because it requires expertise in the provision of both medical services and travel services. Startup costs are higher in medical travel because it requires hiring expensive medical experts who can evaluate foreign medical facilities. While there is nothing to prevent additional competitors from entering the market, the startup costs are going to be quite high.


Orion-Tour, through its solution partner, aims to develop into the country’s premier medical tourism agency for upscale clients who want to have a first class experience while Orion-Tour will seek to diversify both its services and the number of countries where packages can be offered.