Motorcycling & Trekking

One of the best ways to get away from the bustle of big cities and the stress of work is to  escape into the wilderness.  Since trekking does not harm the environment, it’s the perfect solution for an alternative vacation.

Turkey has a landscape diversified with:

  • Volcanic mountains
    • Agri (Ararat) 5137m. world renown with Noah’s Ark
    • Suphan 4058m., Nemrut 2935m.
    • Erciyes 3916m., Hasan 3268m.
  • Mountain ranges
  • Taurus range (Demirkazik peak 3756m.) by the Mediterranean Sea;
  • Kackar range (Kackar peak 3932m.) by the Black Sea,
  • Cilo-Sat range (Resko peak 4150m.) and
  • Munzur range in Eastern Anatolia.
  • Two officially established long distance trekking routes:
  • The Lycian Way – opened in 1999,
  • The St Paul Trail – opened in 2004.

All these mountains consist of undiscovered natural beauties. Since 1982, we organize specific climbing, trekking, skiing, mountain bike and  horse riding tours throughout all the mountains in Turkey.