We came from Australia in May, 2016, to travel around the western half of Turkey over three weeks with an Orion tour group. Our travel was against the official advice of the Australian Government, who issued an official warning to  “exercise extreme caution” and “reconsider your need to travel to Turkey”. We were always under the watchful eye of very experienced Orion employees during this tour. Even so, we did walk through some very crowded places, such as the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and were surrounded by thousands of people, any one of whom may have wanted to hurt us.  However we never felt threatened or frightened by any place, situation or individual. We think that our Government’s travel warning is not warranted. In fact, it is doing the will of the terrorists, who want to spread fear and create hardship in this wonderful land. The Turkish people do not deserve to have their tourist industry turned away by the over-reaction of foreign governments. Of course there is trouble in the extreme south-east near the Syrian border, but we remained a thousand miles away from there, both geographically and symbolically. Australia itself is always on a high terrorist alert, and therefore accordingly the travel warning for Australia should be to “exercise extreme caution” and “reconsider your need to travel”. Does that mean we should not have returned home? We recommend that you come and see this fabulous country, and experience the sights, the people, the culture, the food, the friendships. It is no more dangerous than many other countries. One day we stopped for morning tea at a tiny village called  Agaccami. The café had a group of men, and they were fascinated about Australia. We had a good conversation, but they knew no English, and we knew little Turkish, but the conversation was between friends, kindred spirits, ordinary people just wishing to learn about the world they live in. As we were leaving, the café owner refused to take any payment for 15 cups of tea. You don’t charge friends. That’s the Turkey that awaits you
Chris and Anne Sayer
This is what we are endeavoring to achieve... They are very heavy indeed, the folders in which we keep the commendation letters from our clients all around the world. If we decided to put all of them here, you would want to go take a walk around before seeing the end of it. Nevertheless, we wanted to share with you some of what they felt for their Turkey experience with Orion Tour. Read and get excited... All the arrangements were just as you said they would be, something not always forthcoming, even with the best intentions mistakes happen. I was so impressed with your operation in that mistakes did not occur in our arrangements at all. Your company will be most highly recommended to all. I've traveled the world these past 29 years and would have to say that you rate high in the top 10% of people and tour organisers that I've come into contact with. Well done Orion-tour! I'm sure that in the providence of God 1 will visit your country again either personally or with teams. I will call upon the services of you company should this occur.
Ben F. Gray
I write to express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation to you and your organisation for our recent tour of Turkey. I find it difficult to express in words all that needs to be said of your planning, your service and the sheer enjoyment of our tour. From the outset of our discussions, I have been deeply appreciative of your personal time and attention given to this project. Throughout the development of the project, your organisation has provided service of the highest quality. Your staff and the service they offer is truly without equal. I was always confident that our party would thoroughly enjoy their tour of your beautifulland. To plan and implement a tour for 115 people over 9 days is a truly mammoth task. Yet from the moment we arrived at the Istanbul Airport, everything flowed perfectly. Your guides and drivers could not have done more to ensure that our group settled quickly into the tour and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect. The hotels selected were wonderful and the various restaurants you chose for our daytime meals were something very special. Every detail was perfectly planned yet with a flexibility that allowed for us to modity aspects of the program to suit our specific needs.
Rev. Gavin Williams
To list out the examples of how they took care of us would be too long for this letter. So let me say this: To give good service is an obligation, but to give it from the heart, is notonly excellent but real commitment. And we sure felt it, from day one to the last moment when we reluctantly bade each other farewell.
Henry Lau
First of all I would like to thank you forall the arrangements and your patience with us making confirmations on our tour to Turkey. Kathy Dawson and I had the most wonderful time. The tour was fantastic largely in part to the wonderful care that Aret and Cemal gave us throughout the tour. I can't say enough about both of them. We had so much fun in your beautiful country and were thrilled with the tour from start to finish.
Colette Diegel
Please show this email to your boss so that he knows what a great travel agent you are! I had such a good time that I want to return to Turkey and see more of your friendly country! I will be sure to ask you to plan my next itinerary.
Jane Hoelker
We have enjoyed our holiday in Turkey very much and of cause your professional staff has made our holiday even more memorable and I won't hesitate to recommend any of my friends to visit your beautiful country and wonderful people. May I wish all Orion Tour's management and staff all the best and God Blessed!
Pearlyn D'Costa