Oncology departments of Orion Healthcare Division Solution Partners provide patients with interdisciplinary clinical work. Providing infrastructure for early diagnosis and treatment in cancer, Orion Healthcare Division units supply specific, modern and humanitarian solutions infighting one of the greatest threats of mankind. Under the framework of a multidisciplinary approach, treatment for all solid tumors (chemotherapy, biotherapy and immunotherapy) is made available (orally, systematically and regionally) by specialist physicians and specially-trained nurses. In an era where treatment of cancer patients without any surgical intervention is a reality Cyber knife/Gamma knife treatment is utilized by Turkish Physicians. In case where radiation oncology is key “Three – dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy”, “Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy” (IMRT), “Brachytherapy”, “Ultrasound-guided Transperineal Prostate Implant” are endorsed. Every year the private leading and accredited hospitals perform thousands of chemotherapies and radiation oncology sessions as well as major complex oncological surgeries.

The Cancer Center of Orion Healthcare Division solution Partner is one of the most developed cancer centers in Turkey that unites all the clinics related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer under a common philosophy, combines science high technology and gives particular importance to philanthropy. MHG Cancer Center has adopted team work accompanied by modern technologies, and offers innovative and individualized possibilities of treatment to the patients in an environment full of love.

Treatments customized for patients

The services given in the Cancer Center of Orion Healthcare Division Solution Partner with specialized teams starts with the meeting of the patient at the door and continues following evaluation doctor’s evaluation by maintaining the therapy, clinical oncology, safe drug administrations under the supervision of the pharmacist, chemotherapy
and artistic activities in the art center, and chemotherapies administered with the accompaniment of yoga programs. The developing treatment strategies and correct use of the new intelligent drugs is possible with the appropriate interpretation of the scientific data.

All the data related to patients and tumors are examined before the decisions for treatments, analyzed according to the global guidelines (American guide: NCCN, European guides: ESMO Guideline, St. Gallen) and for difficult patients, the decision is made after obtaining the opinion of the oncology council.

When making the decision for the treatment, age, accompanying diseases, individual preferences and psychosocial characteristics are taken into consideration and participation of the patient in the treatment plan is ensured. The basis of success in the medical treatment of a cancer patient is not only administering the correct drug to the correct patient intravenously or orally. The secret of the success is human love, respect for humanity and the efforts of transmitting the hope and confidence to the patient and family.

Oncology Services on 24/7 Basis

Oncology services must be given on 24/7 basis. Offering uninterrupted services to patients through a counseling center consisting of expert nurses allowing access to patients and families any time is aimed at.
Medical Oncology Department treats the lung, breast, gastrointestinal cancers and all the other solid organ tumors according to the international treatment guidelines with a multidisciplinary spirit and without any delay.
Improving the quality of life during the follow up and treatment periods is aimed at by offering with love the possibilities of complementary medicine.