Bird Watching

Turkey hosted many civilizations throughout its history. From the trace of the first humanity dated back to 12,000 BC to the modern Turkish Republic, you’ll observe how rich culture Turkey has, and not only the richness of this deep seated culture but also the wide variation of fauna and flora of this natural geographic bridge linking Asia and Europe.

When it comes to examine the fauna you’ll be the witness of the kingdom of sky. They are surely the birds that’s the name of the freedom in the cradle of civilization. Here ORION is inviting you to watch, view, explore and observe the bird species, meet the scientists and the executive board of the National Parks, thanks to our tour programs and well planned tour schedules in Turkey.

You’ll get extraordinary service and reach your target, thanks to the well established and professional aspect of this venture which is the power of ORION with the motto of “Excellence in Travel” for its precious guests.